Paul Berens


~62 mi | 630 ft | moderate

“San Francisco to Google” is a loose community of (commuter) cyclists who ride from SF to Peninsula- and South Bay-lying office locations, united by an email forum where people can “call rides”1. I’ve done this “Bayway” route enough times to know it by heart…which is useful because there are so many little (unmarked) turns2. As far as a ride itself, it’s pretty industrial along the 101, so it doesn’t score high on the aesthetic dimension, but it’s invigorating to get up and out early, and make your commute your workout. And enjoying a little company is usually nice, too. Then let Caltrain do the driving home later that day.

  1. Four key elements: meet-up time, meet-up location (Ritual Roasters on Valencia or Philz on 24th), route, and pace. 

  2. Unless we’re talking about Bike to Work Day in which case there are myriad markers thanks to hard-working volunteers. 

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